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What is Netscape Mail ?

Specifications of Netscape Mail Client!

Developer(s):Netscape Communications, AOL
Application Type:E-mail and news client
License:Open Source (Free)
Initial release:November 15, 2007
Written in:C++ (based on Mozilla Thunderbird)
Available in:English
Supported Platforms:Windows, MAC & Linux (Cross-platform)
Free Download:http://www.netscape.ca/ns/browsers/7/download/

Introduction & Reviews of Netscape Mail Client

The Netscape Navigator is a free open source mail and news client developed by Netscape on 11 June 2007. It is also known as Netscape Messenger, a standalone cross platform desktop email client available for Windows, MAC and Linux users. Initially the Netscape mail program was released as Netscape Mercury was based on Mozilla's Thunderbird. Later it replaced the former Netscape Mail & Newsgroups client for versions 4 to 7.2.

Netscape Messenger contains all the features of Mozilla Thunderbird, beside greater AIM integration. It is also similar to the Mozilla SeaMonkey application. Keeps reading to know why Netscape is used for and what file extensions are used by this software.

What is Netscape Used For?

Netscape is a complete internet suit and cab used for multiple purposes as shown below:

  • Netscape Mail & Newsgroups: The application is mostly used for messaging purposes. By using Netscape as a desktop email client you can configure and manage multiple email accounts. You can also subscribe newsgroups.
  • Netscape Browser: It was the first browser of the Netscape series, which is totally based on Mozilla Firefox. By using Netscape as a web browser you can simply surf internet.

Protocols Used by Netscape Mail Client!

Netscape Mail & Newsgroups supports all email relevant protocols such as IMAP, POP3 & SMTP.

Valuable Features of Netscape Mail & Newsgroups

  1. Supports Multiple Email Accounts: This is the best feature of Netscape mail client by using which you can add/configure multiple email accounts from the same profile.
  2. Advance Message Search: By using this advance message search function you may able to find out any particular email or message you are looking for.
  3. Message Filter: By using message filter function you can easily create new filter rules or manage previous filter rules.
  4. Import Tool: By using this import tool, you can simply import address books, mail or settings from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora mail clients.
  5. Download Manager: The download manager show downloading status including: file name, progress, time remaining, transferred and speed etc.
  6. Password Manager: By using password manager feature you can simply manage old stored passwords and also can log out from the account.
  7. One Click Address Book: Netscape provide one click Address book feature under the Tools from menu bar. By using this option you can add new contacts or import existing contacts. It also allows importing .vcf and .csv file extensions.
  8. Instant Messenger: Netscape also provide instant messages with name AOL Instant messenger by using it you can directly contact to a person though chat.
  9. Web Browser: This internet suite also has web browser function by using it you can surf internet without any ads or popups.
  10. Helpful Navigator: With the help of Netscape Navigator you may able to navigate the application and also can read current news.

What File Extensions are used by Netscape Mail Client?

The Netscape uses .mbox file format (without any extension) for mail folders which can be used in MS Outlook by converting MBOX to PST formatand .mab file extension for address books. Besides these two file extensions, there are a few more file formats related to the Netscape mail & newsgroups application.

.EMLE-mail Message
.MSFMail Summary File
.RDFResearch Document information Format
.MFASLNetscape XUL Fastload File
.MFLMozilla Firefox XUL fastload file
.DATProgram data file
.LOCKLock file

Default Location of Netscape Profiles & Mail folders

Windows Operating System

  • Windows 2000 & XP: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\<profile name>\
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10:C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Profiles\<profile name>\

MAC Operating System

  • ~\Library\Mozilla

Linux Operating System

  • $HOME/.mozilla
Final Verdict:

The Netscape communicator is a complete internet application which is available completely free. So if you are looking for a single program for web browser, mail client and newsgroups then this is the best option to go. But if you need a standalone email client or web browser, then Spicebird and Google Chrome are the best alternatives.