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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from One Android to Another

I have got many queries on the topic How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat history from one Android phone to another android phone and hence I am explaining the steps here as it may be helpful for others

One can easily move the WhatsApp chat history by moving the local backup or by restoring the android phone from Google Drive.

Local Backup means Automatic backup of your WhatsApp Chat history to the External SD Card of your Phone. Google Drive backup means saving your WhatsApp chat history and other stuffs to Google Drive Account.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat form One Android device to another using Local Backup

Just follow the steps mentioned below to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from one android device to another:

Step 1: First of all take backup of your WhatsApp chats for that Open WhatsApp >> Click on Menu button >> Settings >> Chats and Calls >> Back up Chats

Step 2: Now transfer this created backup to the new Android phone

  • In case if you have created the backup on your External SD card then put that SD card on your new phone.
  • If you don't have SD card and created the backup in your internal memory then transfer the /sdcard/WhatsApp/ folder to your new android phone
  • After transferring the backup to your new device install WhatsApp on your new phone. During the installation WhatsApp will automatically detect that backup and will restore it automatically.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from One Android Device to Another using Google Drive

Step 1: First of all backup your WhatsApp chats on Google Drive. For that open WhatsApp >> Menu Button >> Settings >> Chats and Calls >> Chat backup >> backup

Step 2: Now configure the same Google Account on the new android device in which you want to transfer the backup. Also ensure the you have used the same mobile number while configuring WhatsApp on new Android phone

Step 3: After verifying that number WhatsApp will ask you to restore backup from Google Drive. After the completion of restoration process click on Next button and you will find that all your chats and messages has been transferred successfully.


In this How To tutorial, I have explained an easiest method of Taking backup of WhatsApp chat and transferring that backup to new Android Device. Hope the above mentioned discussion is helpful for you. In case if you want to start further discussion on that topic or facing issue while implementing the same then just start the discussion by commenting below. I would love to assist you.