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How to Resolve Windows Phone Error Code 805a8011

Sometime Windows phone users face an error code 805a8011 when they try to download and install any game or application from the Windows Store. This How To tutorial contains the easy and effective method of fixing the Windows Phone Error Code 805a8011.

Main Symptoms of Windows Phone Error Code 805a8011

  1. You may be not able to download any game or app from Windows Store.
  2. Your Smartphone will restart whenever you try to update your Phone.
  3. You may face errors while connecting to App store.
  4. Internet will only work in Internet Explorer.

Main Causes of Windows Phone Error Code 805a8011

  1. Lack of the sufficient storage space.
  2. Trouble in sync Microsoft Account.
  3. Date and Time of your Windows Phone are not correct.
  4. This may also happen due to the internet problem.

Resolve Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phone

Try the solutions given below to fix the Error from Windows Phone while downloading or installing the app or game from Windows Store.

Solution1: Correct the Data and Time

Correct the Date and Time of your Windows Phone and try again whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Make Some Free Space in Windows Phone

Delete the unnecessary data from your Windows Phone and make some free space. Now try downloading the new app from Windows Store.

Solution 3: Try Synchronizing Microsoft Account Manually

Follow the steps mentioned below for synchronizing the Microsoft Account manually

  1. First of all Open Setting and Click on Email + Account
  2. Now Tab and Hold at the Microsoft Account Option.
  3. After that Click on Synchronize

Solution 4: Check whether you Internet is working properly or not

Sometime the error code 805a8011 may occur due to the non working internet connection. Check your internet connection whether it is working or not.

Solution 5: Reset you Windows Phone

If you are not able to resolve the error code 805a8011 then try resetting the Windows Phone.

If you have Windows Phone 8

  1. First of all Switch off your Phone.
  2. Now plug-in your charger and press and hold volume down key, Now your Smartphone will show Exclamatory Sign (!) on your windows phone screen.
  3. After that press the below mentioned keys in the given order: Volume up, Volume Down, Power, Volume Down

Your Smartphone will restart and you have successfully done.

If you are using Windows 8.1

  1. Open Settings >> About >> Reset your phone.

The solutions mentioned above will help you in resolving the error code 805a8011. Now you can easily install the Apps and Games to your Windows Phone.


Here in this How To tutorial, I have explained some ways of resolving the error code 805a8011 from Windows Phone. In you are unable to resolve the error code or having any problem while implementing the steps mentioned above then start the discussion by commenting below.