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Fix Windows 8, 8.1 Lumia Phone Wifi Connectivity Error Problem

Sometime Windows Phone users face problems while connecting there Phone to internet using Wifi. Here in this How To tutorial, I will explain an easiest method for fixing this problem, just follow the mentioned steps to resolve the Connectivity problem in Windows 8, 8.1 Lumia Phone.

How to Resolve Windows Lumia Phone Wifi Connectivity Error

  • First of all, Reset your Lumia Mobile device and then check your WIFI icon on Phone screen.
  • Check whether Battery Saver mode is on or off. If it is On make it off.
  • Turn off Bluetooth while connecting your Lumia phone to Wifi. Both WiFi and Bluetooth works in the same frequency and may conflict with each other.
  • If you are facing Error while connecting to the network that you have used before then try deleting the Network and connect again. For that open Settings >> WiFI >> Manage >> Known Networks >> Hold the network that you want to delete and then try again
  • If you have not inserted SIM card on your Windows Lumia Phone then Insert the SIM and check verify that you have turned off the Flight Mode. I am saying this because in some country WiFi features will not work if your phone don't know its own location.
  • Check whether your WiFi is working fine by connecting other device with it.
  • Update your Phone using your Mobile Data and try again.
  • Cross Check that whether your phone is configured with the settings of WiFi network i.e. whether you have entered the right credentials.
  • Check whether your WiFI network is not restricting access to your device based on your device MAC Address.


Here in this How To tutorial, I have explained an easiest method of resolving the WiFi connectivity problems in Windows Lumia Phone. In case if you are facing any error or need further assistance that you want to discuss with us then comment below.