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What is .WAB File Extension?

Identify the Technical Details of WAB file Type:

Format Type:N/A
File Category:Address Book
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
File Hex Signature:9C CB CB 8D 13 75 D2 11 91 58 00 C0 4F 79 56 A4
Supported Platforms:Microsoft Windows

Full Form of .WAB File Format

The WAB File stands for Windows Address Book.

Brief Introduction about WAB File Extension

The Windows Address Book File used by Microsoft Outlook Express to store the contact information like email address and names. This file is similar to the PAB (Personal Address Book) file of Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Exchange.

One can take backup of Outlook Express contacts in WAB file format. These files can also be imported in Outlook.

In Windows Vista operating system the WAB file (Windows Address Book) are replaced with the Windows Contacts.

Programs that Supports WAB Files?

Open WAB file Extension in Windows Platform :

  1. Microsoft Outlook Express
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Microsoft Windows Contacts