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What is .RAR File Extension?

Identify Several Technical Aspects of RAR file Type:

Developer:Eugene Roshal
Format Type:Binary
File Category:Archived and Compressed File Type
MIME Type:application/rar
File Hex Signature:51 61 72 21 1A 07 00 (v4.x)
52 61 72 21 1A 07 01 00 (v5)

Full Form of RAR File

The full form of RAR file is Roshal Archive which was named after the RAR compression algorithm developer (Eugene Roshal).

Brief Introduction about RAR File

RAR is a compressed file format that contains one of more files and folder in it. Now a day's WinRAR (a successor of RAR) is mostly used for the archiving purpose. One can create single RAR format to store entire data or can store it in multiple RAR files like (whatis.rar, whatis.r01, whatis.r02 etc.). In WinRAR when you split the compressed archive file in smaller one the smaller files are known as volumes.

If you want to unpack the RAR volume then just place them inside the same folder and start extraction of RAR file from first volume.

Windows OS does not support RAR file format but there are several third patty application that helps in extracting the files from RAR format.

An Alternative of RAR file is ZIP file format which can be compressed and uncompressed without installing any third party application in Windows Operating System

Programs that Supports RAR Files?

Open RAR file in Windows Platform :

  1. WinRAR 5
  2. 7-Zip
  3. Corel WinZip 18.5
  4. B1 Free Archiver
  5. Zipeg

Open RAR files in MAC OSX :

  1. Corel WinZip Mac 4
  2. Incredible Bee Archiver
  3. Zipeg
  4. Smith Micro StuffIt Deluxe 16
  5. The Unarchiver

Open RAR file in Linux OS

  1. B1 Free Archiver
  2. unrar

Open RAR file in Android OS

  1. RARLAB RAR for Android
  2. ES File Explorer File Manager