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What is .NSF File Extension?

There are generally 3 different types of .nsf file extensions as discussed in this article.

  1. .nsf- Lotus Notes database file
  2. .nsf- NES sound file
  3. .nsf- Sunstar embroidery stitch file

1: NSF (Notes Storage Facility) File Specifications!

Format Type:Binary
File Category:Database Files
MIME Type:application/x-lotus-notes, application/vnd.lotus-notes
Hex Signature:1A 00 00 04 00 00
Supported Platforms:Microsoft Windows and MAC Operating Systems
Where are .nsf files Stored:Notes\Data directory

A Brief Info of NSF (A Database File of IBM Lotus Notes)!

The .nsf extension is a database file used by IBM Lotus Notes and Domino server. NSF file is also stands for Notes Storage Facility that stores notes information such as user emails, design information, appointments, Meta data, calendar entries, contacts and attachment etc. in binary form. These databases are frequently available for download from IBM Lotus Domino Servers. Most of the organizations are moving over to Lotus Notes to get advance features for business. This is a brief details that will let you know what is .nsf file extension in IBM Lotus Notes. A .nsf file extension can be encrypted in different ways:

  • Mail Encryption
  • Field Encryption
  • Port Encryption
  • Database Encryption
  • Document Encryption

Lotus Notes Database Formats & Structure

There are several types of Lotus Notes database and the most common of them is the mailbox database.

  1. Mailbox.nsf:  Contains your Mail, To Do list, and Calendar. You may also find this file with a few other names such as- database.nsf and <username>.nsf.
  2. Names.nsf:  Contains your Personal Address Book information including contacts, connections, and locations.
  3. Bookmark.nsf:  Contains your saved bookmarks.
  4. Busytime.nsf: Contains your local free time information.
  5. Headline.nsf:  Contains your Database Subscriptions information.
  6. Internet.nsf:  Keeps details of your newsgroup subscriptions (NNTP).
  7. Perweb.nsf:  This file contains Web browser information.

Programs to Open NSF Files

EDB is a datbase file of IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Domino Server which can be open with following programs.

Applicaions to Open NSF File in Windows OS:

  1. IBM Lotus Notes
  2. IBM Domino Server
  3. Free NSF file Viewers

2: NSF (NES sound File) Format Information!

File Category:Audio Files
Hex Signature:4E 45 53 4D 1A 01

This .nsf file is an audio file related to NES, Famicon (Nintendo Entertainment System). This is a video game console developed by Nintendo that holds sound data well-matched with NES.

How to Open This .nsf File?

Use Winamp and download a plugin from Zophar's website.

Programs to Open NSF file in Windows:
  1. DeliPlayer
  2. Nullsoft Winamp
  3. Audio Overload
  4. VirtuaNES
Applications to Open NSF file in MAC:
  1. Nestopia
  2. Audio Overload
Software to Open NSF file in Linux:
  1. Audacious
  2. FCEUX
  3. Audio Overload
  4. XMMS with nsf-xmms plugin

3: NSF (Sunstar Embroidery Stitch Files)Details!

File Category:Graphics File

The NSF file extension is associated to Korean Sunstar stitching machines and generally used for one of its sampler format. You can use these files in Sunstar stitching machines.