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What is .NDF File Extension?

There are mainly 4 types of NDF file used by several applications and .ndf for SQL server database is most popular among them. So read and learn all types of .ndf extensions and programs which can open these files.

  1. .ndf - Microsoft SQL Server secondary data file
  2. .ndf - NimbleScan NimbleGen design file
  3. .ndf - ProWORX NXT short comment file
  4. .ndf - NeoPlanet Browser file

1) Microsoft SQL Server Secondary Data File (.ndf)

Primary Association:Microsoft SQL Server
Format Type:N/A
File Category:Database Files
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
Supported Platforms:Windows Operating Systems

Detalied Information of NDF File of SQL Server Database

Microsoft SQL server uses three types of data file one is .mdf for primary data files, the second is .ndf for secondary data files and third is .ldf for log files

The .ndf file extension is related to Microsoft SQL server and used as a secondary database file. NDF file generally created when the primary database file MDF becomes too large (no more size). SQL server administrators can also create an NDF file manually to allocate data between the two files.

NDF extension of files is often stored on other partitions of hard drive then primary data files. These files use the same filename as already used by MDF files, for example: database.mdf & database.ndf. But NDF file cannot be open independently with SQL server as it requires attaching related MDF files to view its content.

Software to Open NDF File Extension

Software to Open NDF File Extension:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server

2) .ndf - NimbleScan NimbleGen design file

Developer:NimbleGen, Inc
File Type:N/A
File Categorytext
Supported Platforms:Windows Operating Systems

Get Brief Info About this NDF File Type

The *.ndf (NimbleScan design file) extension is a file used by NimbleScan to create and store array data pipelines from 1 or 2 color images. You can simply understand that the NDF format of file keeps custom microarray designs in NimbleGen design file format.

How to Open NDF File Format?
  1. Use NimbleScan to open and view its design.
3) .ndf - ProWORX NXT short comment file
Developer:Schneider Electric S.A
File Type:Binary
File CategoryData Files
Supported Platforms:Windows Operating Systems
Details About this NDF Format

The NDF file extension is also related to the ProWORX application which stores saved NXT short comments in a file with .ndf extension. ProWORX is a simple programming software for Modicon programmable logic controllers.

Application to Open MDF File
  1. Use ProWORX application to view NXT short comment files.
4) .ndf - NeoPlanet Browser file
Developer:NeoPlanet, Inc.
Supported Platforms:Windows Operating Systems
What is NeoPlanet Browser (.ndf)File??

The NDF file extension is a Browser file related to the NeoPlanet. The NeoPlanet Browser NDF file saves the entire data used for internal purposes by NeoPlanet Browser. NeoPlanet is a popular internet web browser.

How to Open this NDF File?
  1. You can use a text editor program to open NeoPlanet Browser file.