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What is .ICS File Extension?

There are mainly 3 .ics formats used by different applications:

  1. .ics- iCalendar calendar file format
  2. .ics- Sony IC Recorder sound file
  3. .ics- IronCAD 3D CAD file

1: Explore ICS (iCalendar) Format Specifications

Developer:Apple Inc
Format Type:Text
File Category:iCalendar
MIME Type:text/calendar
Hex Signature:42 45 47 49 4E 3A
Supported Platforms:Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, IOS and Cloud etc.

A Brief Introduction of ICS File Format!

The .ics file extension is a universal calendar format primary associated with Microsoft Outlook and also used by several email and calendar programs across all the platforms. ICS format is also denoted as iCalendar which stores calendar information in a text file. It allows users to publish calendar data on the internet and to send meeting requests to other users. The specifications for the ICS file format are defined in RFC 2445. Above description will make sure what is ICS File format and its use. Keep reading to explore .ics file structure and how to open .ics file extension.

Internal Structure of iCalendar (.ics) Files!

An ICS file contain details like: the title, summary, start time as well as end time for the every calendar event in a plain text file. The iCalendar format of the file also supports event cancellations and updates. It is widely used for business purpose to share meetings and tasks over the internet. To check more about ICS file you can open it with Edit plus program.

What can open ics files?

Now at the last you will be thinking that how to open .ics file extension. So here are a lot of software applications listed which can be used to read an ICS format.

Software to Open ICS File in Windows OS:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Mozilla Lightning

Application to Read .ics extension in MAC OS X:

  1. Mozilla Lightning
  2. Apple Calendar

Access iCalendar file in Linux OS:

  1. Claws Mail
  2. Mozilla Lightning
  3. Horde Kronolith

Open ICS Calendars in Web:

  1. Google Calenda
  2. ICS File Converter

2: .ics - Sony IC Recorder sound file Specifications

File Category:Audio Files

The ICS file extension is an audio file created by a Sony IC recorder (Sony ICD-R100) that allows users to record voice audio. These files can be used in legal environments, forensics and for general personal memos. The *.ics file stores recorded voice audio in a binary form.

Software to Open ICS File in Windows:
  1. Sony Digital Voice Player
  2. Sony Digital Voice Editor
  3. Microsoft Windows Media Player with Sony Player Plug-in
3: .ics - IronCAD 3D CAD file Details!
File Category:Graphics File

The ICS file extension is also used by 3D CAD applications IronCAD as well as Inovate, applications have been developed by IronCAD for Microsoft Windows OS. These *.ics files are generally used by these applications for 3D graphics. ICS file of IronCAD may contain one or more 3D objects with colors, lighting effects, textures, and animation data.

Application to Open IronCAD ICS File:
  1. IronCAD