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What is .EML File Extension?

EML Format Specifications:

Format Type:Text and Binary
File Category:Text Files
MIME Type:message/rfc822
File Hex Signature:46 72 6F 6D 3A 20
Supported Platforms:Windows, MAC and Linux.
Default Location:"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\MSIMN.EXE" /eml:%1

A Brief about what is EML File Extension!

Files with extension .eml is generally used to save messages to a file in the MIME RFC 822 standard format. The EML files are mainly created by Microsoft Outlook Express and also supported and created in other email programs. To explore what is an EML file extension we can say that EML are files that contain plain ASCII text for the headers, message body and attachments as well as hyperlinks.

I think now it has been clear that what EML format means, so now a query comes how to open .eml files in Windows, MAC and Linux platforms. Keep reading to explore what programs can open EML files independently.

EML File Format Internal Structure

The header of EML file contains sender e-mail addresses, recipient, subject, and the date and time the message. Apart from the header, the main message of the e-mail is in the body of the file. The EML file is a reliable format for E-mail that can also contain hyperlinks and attachments. To view Binary value of internal structure of EML messages you can open emails in a Hex edition program.

Programs to Open or View EML File Extension

EML is a universal file format of email messages supported by several email programs across all the platforms.

Programs to Open EML in Windows OS:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Microsoft Outlook Express
  3. Microsoft Windows Mail
  4. Microsoft Windows Live Mail
  5. Mozilla Thunderbird
  6. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  7. Perion IncrediMail
  8. IBM Lotus Notes

Software to Open EML File in MAC OS X:

  1. Microsoft Outlook for MAC
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Mozilla SeaMonkey

Read EML File in Linux:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey