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What is .crdownload File Extension?

Identify the Technical Points of Crdownload file Type:

Format Type:Text and Binary
File Category:Temporary File Type
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
File Hex Signature:N/A
Supported Platform:Windows, Mac and Linux

Introduction about CRDOWNLOAD File Extension

CRDOWNLOAD is a temporary file extension created by Google Chrome web browser for partially downloaded files. This extension is automatically replaced by Google chrome with the original extension as the downloading process completes.

In sort incomplete downloaded files are saved with temporary CRDOWNLOAD file extension until the files are downloaded completely

Example: Let us understanding the CRDOWNLOAD file extension with an example. Suppose you are downloading song.mp3 file using chrome. Until the file is not downloaded completely it will be saved as song.mp3.crdownload. As the download process completes Google automatically removes the CRDOWNLOAD file extension.

Why CRDOWONLOAD file is used

CRDOWNLOAD files are normally used for resuming the paused or incomplete downloads.

Programs that Supports CRDOWNLOAD Files?

Open Crdownload file Extension in Windows Platform :

  1. Google Chrome

Open Crdownload files in MAC OSX:

  1. Google Chrome

Open Crdownload file in Linux OS

  1. Google Chrome