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What is .AJAX File Extension?

Identify the Specifications of AJAX file Type:

Designed by:Jesse James Garrett
Format Type:Text
File Category: Web Files
MIME Type: N/A
Supported Platforms:Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linux

What is Full form of .ajax File Extension?

The .ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Basically, it is a tactic for creating dynamic web pages quickly.

Detailed Information About AJAX File Format!

The .ajax is a file extension of most popular web development technique Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. By using this technique you can create dynamic web pages and web application. AJAX is the combination of HTML, CSS, Java Script and XML. HTML and CSS for presentation part while Java script for functioning and XML for interchanging data.

What is the structure of an Ajax using Document?

ajax file extension

How to Edit or Open Ajax Document?

How to Open AJAX File in Windows?

Programs That Read AJAX file in MAC OS X:

Applications to Open AJAX File in Linux: