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What is Difference between RAM and ROM Memory in Computer?

RAM and ROM are two different types of memories integrated in computer system to modulate processor and to access the stored information in computer system rapidly and accurately.

Before Discussing the Difference let's discuss about RAM and ROM

The full form of ROM is Read Only Memory and is used to store data in computers and other different electrical devices. The data stored in ROM cannot be easily reprogrammed or altered. ROM is a non-volatile memory that retains the content even after power off.

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory and is used to store data in computer memory that can be accessed Randomly that means any byte of memory can be easily accessed without going through the preceding bytes.


RAM Can be directly accessed by the processorROM is not directly accessible by processor because the instruction of ROM are first transferred into the RAM and then are executed by processor
RAM is volatile memory that removes the content once power is offROM is non-volatile in nature that retains the content even after power off
RAM is generally used to store the temporary information for the short period of timeROM is generally used to store the permanent information that cannot be reprogrammed or altered easily
RAM is the form of a ChipROM are generally Optical driver that are made of magnetic tape
RAM are costlyROM are less costly as compare to RAM
Chip Size of RAM is larger than ROMChip size of ROM is smaller
Static RAM and Dynamic RAM are the two different types of RAMPROM, EEPROM and EPROM are the different types of ROM.


In this difference between sections I have explained the difference between ROM and RAM Memory. Hope the above mentioned differences are helpful for you. In case if you need further information on that topic or has any query then start the discussion by commenting below. I would love to assist you.