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What is Difference between Kiss and Smooch?

Kiss V/S Smooch

Kiss and Smooch are the two different ways of showing and expressing love. Smooch is done from lip to lip and is a way of showing sexual desire and love. Kiss is done by the lips on the face, lips, head, forehead or body of another person and is way of showing love.
Kiss is done on any part of bodySmooch is done from Lip to Lip
Kiss can be instantaneousSmooch is the Long Lip to Lip Contact that can be as long as you want
Kisses may or may not be much enjoyableSmooch is enjoying and exciting
Kisses mostly does not contain the feelings of Sex or romanceSmooch is done with the feeling of Sex or Romance
Kiss can be done with any of your friendsSmooch is done only with the loved one who are in relationship
Kisses are gentle and softSmooch can be wild, gentle or rough

More Information on Kiss and Smooch

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Kiss are the way of expressing love with friend, child or relative by touching the lips on head, forehead, face or on the body of other person. The kisses done on forehead are the sign of Love. The kisses done on hands are the sign of respect. Kisses done on cheeks are the sign of friendship between relatives and friends.

Smooch is the way of expressing the romantic feeling by touching lip to lip with loved once. Smooch contains the feelings of sexual desire.


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