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What is Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS Protocol


The URL starts with http://URL Starts with https://
Port number 80 is used for communicationPort number 443 is used for communication
Unsecured Communication with no encryptionSecured Communication with Encryption
HTTP protocol works at the Application LayerHTTPS protocol works at the Transport Layer
HTTP does not requires any certificatesIt requires Certificates

More information about HTTP and HTTPS Protocol

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The protocol is used for the communication through the Web browser. For Example: When you request or access any web page through your browser then your Browser acts as the Client and the Computer which serves your request acts as the Server. The Client uses the HTTP Protocol to make connection with the server. After receiving request from the client, Server process the request and responds it back to the Client. The Server response in the form of Web Page.

HTTPS Stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The protocol provides secured way of accessing a Web page and is the combination of two different set of protocols (HTTPS and SSL/TLS). The communication done through the HTTPS protocol is totally secured and encrypted. This type of communication is mostly used in the Website where Secured communication is required like Payment Gateways, Banking Websites, etc. Signed Public Key Certificate is required for the HTTPS Connection.


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