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What is Mozilla SeaMonkey?

Specifications of SeaMonkey Email Program!

Developer:SeaMonkey Council
Application Type:Internet Suit (browser, e-mail and news client)
License:Open Source (Free)
Initial release:January 30, 2006
Stable release:November 8, 2015 (for more visit)
Written in:C++, XUL, XBL, JavaScript
Available in:26 languages
Supported Platforms:Windows, OS X, Linux

Brief Introduction & Review of Mozilla SeaMonkey Application!

The SeaMonkey is an open source all-in-one internet application suite available free for Windows, MAC and Linux users. This application is based on the Mozilla Application Suite and developed using the same source code. The SeaMonkey was initially developed in 2005 as a standalone project by Mozilla foundation. Such a software suite was before made popular by Netscape and Mozilla.

The SeaMonkey deliver high-quality updates containing Internet browser, HTML editor, email & newsgroup client, web feed reader, IRC chat and web development tools tec. The SeaMonkey is sure to request to web developers, advanced and corporate users.

Why SeaMonkey is used for?

SeaMonkey is an e-mail and news client program. It is mainly used a used as a desktop email client and also can be used as a web browser, newsgroups and feeds application.

  1. SeaMonkey as a Browser:  The SeaMonkey web browser uses the same rendering engine and application platform that Mozilla Firefox uses. The Internet browser offers several features such as: tabbed browsing, popup blocking, feed detection, smart location bar and a lot of other functionality for user ease.
  2. SeaMonkey for E-mail: SeaMonkey client bonds lots of code with Mozilla Thunderbird application. A lot of helpful functions are available in SeaMonkey email client for both private and corporate use. This is another popular open source desktop email client and internet suite.
  3. SeaMonkey for Newsgroups:  By using SeaMonkey as a Newsgroup, the user can easily subscribe newsgroups with various applications from the Mozilla Group available on all major news servers.
  4. SeaMonkey for Feeds: The users can also use the SeaMonkey browser to read web feeds.

Protocols Used by Mozilla SeaMonkey!

POP3, IMAP and SMTP are common protocols used by Mozilla SeaMonkey email client. SeaMonkey supports .mbox file type to store e-mail messages. You can convert MBOX to PST manually to open these e-mails in MS Outlook.

Popular Features of Mozilla SeaMonkey Application

  1. Web based Browser: The SeaMonkey also knows as a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox source code. By using this function you can search and browse any things over internet.
  2. Popup blocker: This feature lets you surf the web or browse any web page without trouble from annoying popups or ads.
  3. Add-on Manager: SeaMonkey also provides Add-ons Management panel by using which you can install and manage additional features created by other company or users, such as browser themes.
  4. Support Multiple Accounts: The SeaMonkey desktop email client supports multiple email accounts. It helps users to configure and manage multiple email account from one place.
  5. Junk mail controls: A powerful junk filter is embedded with the application that keeps away from spam and junk mail items. This function is very helpful to filter all spam email messages.
  6. Tabbed Mail: This function lets you manage your mail and folders in corresponding, without losing control of where you are working with messages, reading or replying in more complex patterns.
  7. One Click Mail Compose: The application has very easy interface to compose email messages. You can also attach files and provide subject while composing an email.
  8. Blogs & News Feeds:  is a reader for RSS and Atom feeds right in your messaging center that eases your reading of information from all across the web.
  9. IRC Chat ("ChatZilla"): The suite also offers a customizable chat client to chat on IRC networks with this simple yet great IRC client. The familiar tabbed interface helps to track multiple networks and channels.
  10. Web Development Tools: The SeaMonkey internet suite also provides web development tools such as: DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger etc. which may be helpful for web developers.

File Types and Extensions Used by SeaMonkey!

The SeMonkey mainly uses .mbox file extension for email folders and .mab file extension for storing address book contacts. Apart from these, there are a few more file types related to the Mozilla Seamonkey software.

.EMLE-mail Message
.MSFMail Summary File
.MAFFMozilla Archive Format File
.MARMozilla Archive
.XBLExtensible Binding Language File
.RDFResource Description Framework File
.XULXML User Interface Language File

Default Locations of SeaMonkey Profiles & Folders

Windows Operating System

  • Windows 2000 & XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<Windows login user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\ ********. <Profile name>
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 & 10: C:\Users\<Windows login user name>>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\SeaMonkey\Profiles\********.<Profile name>

MAC Operating System

  • ~/Library/Application Support/SeaMonkey/Profiles/********.<Profile name>

Linux Operating System

  • ~/.mozilla/seamonkey/********.<Profile name>
Final Verdict:

After analyzing the entire features we found that it is the best alternative of Mozilla Thunderbird application. The SeaMonkey has a few additional features due to this our editor team is giving a 9.8 rating out of 10. It allows browsing, emailing, chatting, and web page development experience. So if you are looking for a complete Internet suite then SeaMonkey is a useful tool. But if you are just looking for a separate web browser, Firefox or Google Chrome is the way to go.