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An Easy Method to Export Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source application and mostly used by business starters to manage company email accounts. Later users can switch to MS Outlook when their business grows or need more advanced features. Thunderbird uses .mbox files to store emails and .mab for contacts. Unfortunately, both are not supported by Microsoft Outlook. Still, you don’t need to be panic because it's possible to export required email messages from Thunderbird and import them into Outlook using EML format.

The Thunderbird email application has this functionality using which the emails can be exported or dragged as EML files. And it is simple to drag the EML files into Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. Entire process to import Thunderbird emails into MS Outlook has been divided into two segments for far you can understand easily.


Export Thunderbird Messages to EML File Format

This section will help you to know how to export a few required emails or entire folders into EML files. So below mentioned steps can be utilized to export messages from Thunderbird to Outlook application.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird application and go to the local folder whose emails you need to export.
  2. Once the emails are listed, select the emails, which are supposed to be exported. You can select multiple emails using CTRL key or Press CTRL+A to select entire emails.
  3. You can right-click on the selected emails and select “Save As” option to save these emails as EML files.

  4. These emails can be viewed as EML files, which can be then moved to the MS Outlook application.

Note: You can also use a free add-ons ImportExportTools to do the same task.


Import Resulting EML Files into MS Outlook

This next section will explore the steps for importing EML files into Microsoft Outlook email programs. Note down one thing that EML files are supported by MS Outlook 2010 and later editions only and cannot be viewed in previous versions.

  1. In the very first steps, open MS Outlook on your PC.
  2. Select the entire EML files, drag all them and drop into the MS Outlook folder (you can also create a new folder to save EML files)
  3. Now you can see that all EML files are successfully imported into your Outlook folder.

Converting MBOX to PST file format is another good solution to import Thunderbird emails to Outlook. You may use a third party solution for Thunderbird to Outlook conversion. This tool is free to export first 20 items per folder.

Editor's Note: Above suggested steps is used and verified by our technical team for exporting Thunderbird emails only. But if you want to import contacts also, then read another post- how to export Thunderbird contacts to Outlook.


The segment discussed above mentions about the method for migration of emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook application. The method is a smart way to migrate or export emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. However, this method is not suitable to migrate multiple mailboxes from Thunderbird to Outlook. But, if users require to perform migration of few emails, this method is helpful. If you have any suggestions then put a comment below. You can also post your queries related to Thunderbird mail conversion to Outlook.