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What is .VCF File Extension?

There are mainly three types of VCF files used by different applications. You can read details of VCF file which are you looking for.

  1. .vcf- vCard File (Electronic Business Card)
  2. .vcf- VPHybridCAD native drawing format
  3. .vcf- VirtualDub processing settings file

1: VCF(vCard)File Format Specifications!

Developer:Internet Mail Consortium
Format Type:Text and Binary
File Category:Contact File (electronic business card)
MIME Type:text/x-vcard, application/vcard (Macintosh only), text/anytext, text/directory, application/x-versit (Eudora Plug-in), text/x-versit (Eudora Plug-in), text/x-vcalendar
Supported Platforms:Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS

Get Detailed Information of what is VCF Format

The .vcf file extension is a standard file format used for storing individuals as well as business contact information in a digital file format. VCF is stand for Virtual Contact File, also commonly denoted as vCards. A VCF extension of the file contains contact details of a person or business including: name, e-mail address, phone number, address, profile pic/logo, URLs, audio files, videos and other types of media.

VCF (vCard) is a reliable format for electronic business cards which is supported by many desktop email clients, mobile devices, online mail service providers and other electronic devices across all the platforms. VCF files can be attached to email messages and often used to import/export or transfer contact information between address.

VCF File Internal Structure and vCard Editions!

A vCard file holds contact information of an individual as well as business. There are commonly 3 vCard editions such as: vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0. A VCF file started with BEGIN:VCARD and finished by END:VCARD tags as shown below:

How to Open VCF File Extension?

VCF file is globally accepted by many email programs and other electronic devices on Windows, MAC, Android, IOS and Linux etc. Some of programs which open vCard contact file are listed here:

Software to View VCF File in Windows OS:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Netscape
  4. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  5. IBM Lotus Notes
  6. Palm Desktop
  7. Microsoft Windows Contacts
  8. Microsoft Outlook Express
  9. Nokia PC Suite
  10. Eudora
  11. vCardOrganizer

Applications to read vCard (.vcf) contacts in MAC OSX:

  1. Apple Contacts
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Netscape
  5. IBM Domino Server
  6. Microsoft Outlook for MAC
  7. Microsoft Entourage
  8. Eudora

Programs to Open VCF Format in Mobile:

3: .vcf - VPHybridCAD native drawing format

File Category:Drawing File

The VCF file is related to VPHybridCAD. The file holds saved VPHybridCAD drawing file in a file of .vcf extension. This file format was usually used by older editions of the VPHybridCAD.

Software can Open VCF File:

  1. VPHybridCAD

3: .vcf - VirtualDub processing settings file

Developer:Avery Lee
File Category:Media File

The VCF file extension is also used by VirtualDub a free video capture and processing utility for Windows. The *.vcf file of VirtualDub contains settings for processing video data.

Application can Open VCF File:

  1. VirtualDub