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What is .MBOX File Extension?

Technical Aspects of MBOX File Extension:

Format Type:Text and Binary
File Category:Email
MIME Type:text/x-mailbox
File Hex Signature:00 0D BB A0
Supported Platforms:MS Windows, MAC, Unix and Linux.
Default Location:/User/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/directory

A Brief Intro of MBOX File!

.mbox file extension is a mailbox file that stores emails in a plain text format. MBOX file hoard attachments in encoded format and messages in 7-bit ASCII text format. This is a universal file format which is generally used by many e-mail clients for organizing or keeping messages in a simple text file. MBOX file is also stands for MailBox. If you want to know where is the MBOX file located on your PC, then follow this path: "/User/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/directory"

Note: Default location of MBOX files depends on operating systems and e-mail clients, so this is a standard location and may change for any of e-mail client.

What is MBOX File Structure!

Entire messages of mailboxes are stored as a long text file in a string of concatenated e-mail messages. The beginning of each message is stated by "From" followed by a white space character and end of all messages is noted with a blank line. MBOX Family holds four common variants:

  • mboxo: It uses constant string "???@???" in place of sender's e-mail address.
  • mboxrd: It is variant of mboxo mailbox format.
  • mboxcl: This mailbox format is used by Unix 'System V' mailboxes.
  • mboxcl2: It is a similar format to" mboxcl ".

What Programs Open MBOX Files?

MBOX is a most reliable file format of messages supported by numerious email clients on Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. You can also open your MBOX file data in MS Outlook by exporting MBOX to PST format

Open .mbox file in Windows Platform :

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Netscape
  4. Qualcomm Eudora
  5. Evolution Mail
  6. PocoMail
  7. Netscape
  8. Spicebird
  9. Opera Mail
  10. Free MBOX Viewer

View MBOX files in MAC OSX :

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Netscape
  4. Apple Mail
  5. Microsoft Entourage

Read MBOX File in Linux:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Netscape