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What is .MAB File Extension?

There are mainly two .mab file extensions, one is used by Mozilla Thunderbird for Address Book and another is used by Markaby for writing html pages. So read complete information about both MAB file types.

  1. .MAB (Mozilla Address Book)
  2. .MAB (Markaby script file)

1) Mozilla Address Book .mab Format Specifications:

Developer:Mozilla Corporation
Primary Association:Mozilla Thunderbird
Format Type:Binary
File Category:Address Book file
Supported Platforms:Windows, MAC and Linux

Get Complete Details About MAB File Format!

The .mab extension is a Mozilla Address book file format using by Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Netscape and other mail programs of Mozilla. A MAB file contains entire contact information of individuals such as: Name, Phone numbers, Email address and other details which is mainly used for managing business as well as personal contacts. Since emails of Mozilla Thunderbird are stored in a mailbox file .mbox which can use in MS Outlook by converting MBOX to PST format. We hope now you will able to understand what is mab file format and why it is used for. Keeps reading continue to get more details like how to open MAB file format.

Types of MAB File Extensions used by Mozilla Thunderbird!

Mozilla Thunderbird mainly uses 3 mab files with different names as shown below:

  1. abook.mab: This is a default personal address book to store contacts saved by Mozilla thunderbird.
  2. impab.mab: This address book file is used to store imported contacts or address book.
  3. history.mab: This file keeps a history of all collected addresses.

MAB File Default Location for Windows!

  • C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\

MAB File Default Location for MAC!

  • ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles//

MAB File Default Location for Windows!

  • ~/.thunderbird//

How to Open MAB File Extensions?

There are several mail programs developed by Mozilla which can open MAB files. Apart from them you can use a few other programs to view Mozilla Address book content as listed below:

Software to Open MAB File on Windows:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Netscape
  4. Apache OpenOffice
  5. LibreOffice

Applications to Open MAB File in MAC OSX:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  3. Netscape
  4. Apache OpenOffice
  5. LibreOffice

Read MAB File Extension in Linux:

  1. Apache OpenOffice
  2. LibreOffice
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  5. Netscape

2) .MAB (Markaby script file) Information

Developer:Aria Stewart
File Category:Script Files
Format Type:Text
Primary Association:Markaby

What is .MAB File Extension?

The MAB file extension is also associated with Markaby language and used for storing its script files. Markaby (Markup as Ruby) is a very small code for writing HTML pages in Ruby & nice alternative to ERb.

How to Open MAB File Format?
  1. Markaby