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What is .DLL File Extension?

Technical Details of DLL file Type:

Format Type:Binary
File Category:Dynamic Link Library
MIME Type:application/x-msdownload
File Hex Signature:4D 5A
Supported Platform:Windows

Brief Details of DLL File Extension

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is the compiled shared library developed by Microsoft in OS/2 and Windows Operating System. It contains a complete set of drivers and procedures executed and referenced by Windows program. With the help of this library multiple programs can easily access the shared system that may be linked dynamically into the program.

The DLL file is a component of Windows Operating System or Software application. The creator of particular DLL can be easily found by Opening the properties of DLL file by right clicking on it.

DLL files are mostly used to define two types of functions: Internal and Exported. The internal functions of DLL files are invoked or called in the same DLL in which it is defined and Exported DLL files can be called within the same DLL or by some other module.

DLL file helps in creating the modularize application that can be easily reused and updated. Along with that this library also helps in reducing the overall memory overhead.

The Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) defines the most important part of the software application and hence one should not play with these files. A program or software application will not work if it is trying to access a missing or corrupted DLL files

Dynamic Web Pages also use DLL file Extension and these DLL Files are normally hosted on Microsoft IIS Web Server. One can open DLL Dynamic Web Page in any of the Internet Browser.

Programs that Supports DLL File Type?

How to Open DLL file type in Windows Platform :

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Microsoft Windows
  3. Microsoft Visual FoxPro