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What is .CSV File Extension?

Identify the Specifications of CSV file Type:

Format Type:Comma-Separated Variables
File Category: Database file type
MIME Type: text/comma-separated-values,
text/csv, application/csv,
Supported Platforms:Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linux

Full Form of .CSV File Format

The CSV stands for Comma Separated Values

Find more information About CSV Format

The .csv file extension is a comma separated values file that stores tabular data (text and numbers) in plain text. Each line of the CSV file is a data record which represents a row in the table. Where each record contains one or more fields (columns of a table), separated by commas. All records of a CSV file can be organized into cells by a spreadsheet application or inserted into a database.

The comma has been used as a field separator that's why the source name for this file format is comma separated values. A CSV format file is supported by several applications which is generally used for moving tabular data between programs. CSV file extension can be easily exported or imported into several applications.

What Application can be used to open .csv?

The most popular programs that use CSV file formats are: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, iCloud, Office365, Microsoft Outlook, Apple mail, MAC Address Book, IBM Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, mysql, MS Access, Android, blackberry, Windows phone, Google calendars, python, php, Windows Address Book and much more.

How to Open CSV File in Windows?

Programs That Read CSV file in MAC OS X:

Applications to Open CSV File in Linux:

Cloud Based Programs Can Open CSV file:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Hotmail
  • AOL Mail
  • Office 365
  • iCloud
  • Google Drive

Open CSV File in IOS:

  • MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro

Open CSV File in Android: